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Jaclyn Manfredi

Jaclyn featured in Elicit Magazine…

New Feature in Elicit Magazine Music Blog by Emily Smith

Jaclyn at 2018 NYC Fashion Week

Thanks to Perry Ellis and Vivienne Tam for having Jaclyn at New York Fashion Week!

Jaclyn Wins IMTA 2017 LA Reel Camp Scholarship

Congrats to Jaclyn for winning the 2017 LA Reel Camp Scholarship!


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After Jaclyn Manfredi performed at the acclaimed Apollo Theatre and Carnegie Hall in New York City at 17, she auditioned for The Voice and made it through to the second round. Clearly, her talent had not gone unnoticed. She then won the IMTA national singing talent competition in 2017, and released three songs that began to shape her sound in the way that authentic artists often journey towards in the process of discovering who they really are.

Now after writing and recording new material for 2019, Jaclyn is ready to drop five new singles. The first release, “GPS”, on February 15th, is a soul filled, retro influenced track, that brings together all of Jaclyn’s New York and R&B/Soul influences. A song that tells the story of a relationship that’s directionally challenged, you can feel the indecision of the theme from the opening lyrics, “Right or left? Right or Left?…”

Influenced by classic soul, r&b, Amy Winehouse, Alicia Keys, and the contemporary funk of Bruno Mars, Jaclyn is funneling all of her influences into something that at once sounds old and new. Produced by Alex Houton of AHM Media and mixed by 6X Grammy Award winner, Brian Vibberts, Jaclyn’s voice ties together old school sounds with a a contemporary slant.

When Jaclyn’s not rehearsing her material with her band, or training with legendary vocal coach Don Lawrence (Lady Gaga, Christina Aguilera, Whitney Houston), you can find her sitting at a piano weaving melodies and lyrics about her experiences. Captured in that process are the new releases that Jaclyn Manfredi has ready for 2019, starting with “GPS”. If you’re a fan of soulful vocals that come from the heart, then you’ll be glad you found it.